I Make Monsters

A song I wrote while being emo over an ex. Enjoy!
I Make Monsters

Careful now
You’re on a dark
On a dirty path
And I refuse to save you

Here’s the part
Where I leave
And you’re hanging
I can’t help but laughing

I picture you screeching
Claws extended reaching
Out for nothing
And you’re drunk from the blood you’re leeching
I picture you peeling
Flesh from victims kneeling
You’re so relentless
And I gave you the feeling

It’s our little secret
Your new hunger
It gives you strength
It makes you younger

You may consume
A habit you feed
They’re all yours
Take for the need

But for all your sins
I for sure have one
I made you, monster
And I pay for what I’ve done

Take from me
One last time
Take it all
Make this end


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