What’s with the boob obsession?

This is in answer to a question posed on formspring.me/theironclad

I’m glad you asked!

Women inquire what kind of ‘guy’ I am. I respond by indicating how I’m not a ‘boob guy’; I’m an ‘ass man’.

So why do I go nuts about all the ladies baring their ta-tas?

My dad’s mother died of cancer. My dad’s father died of cancer.

My mother’s mother died in 1996 from breast cancer that metastasized. It was arguably the most pivotal experience in my adolescent life.

Cancer stole countless standup men and women all throughout my life. It has shattered hearts, families, communities. It’s slowly ripping away the life of my college friend’s mother as I type this.

I fucking hate cancer.


The women of @boobiewed and @boobemancipate are doing something so simple for something much much bigger than them. I love each and every last woman who takes pride in something that is both an inherent piece of womanhood, and a beautiful masterpiece of anatomy. I’ll remind those who don’t participate by exposing their breasts that you don’t have to expose yourself to support; Don’t knock the women that do, I can respect that you do not want to have your puritanically shunned body on the internet. We’re all on the same team here. Nobody likes cancer. Support the fight in any way you can. Even if it means going out of your comfort zone to do it.

So, I suppose I’m not as much obsessed with boobs as much as I am with the fight to keep them safe and cancer free.

Finally, if you are in some way offended by my participation in such things…

You’re missing the point.


If you aren’t savvy, check out the following:




3 responses to “What’s with the boob obsession?

  1. Lauri @grnladybug

    As a flasher of the boobies and a proud supporter of @boobiewed and @boomenacipation I am honored with your post. You truly nailed what this is all about.

    You touched upon the heart and soul of it….

    Thank you….


  2. i read this the other night on your formspring.me. YES, someone reads those! lol

    it made me beam proudly to know that i’m part of the elite lillingcancerwithbewbs crew. and oh yah, i’ve emancipated! ;) i think it’s just awesome that you support this cause like you do. i know that @shimmer418 & @honey_is_evil appreciate too!

  3. Thank you for Always spreading the Word about @boobiewed. We love you..

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