Monkey Business, Dee Kay, and Bananas

I will beat the shit out of DK. Why? Because I look like these guys.


Girders in the sky
Lead to you, your captive
Fire sparks rolling inferno
Those oil barrels over reactive
I’m coming for you mutherfuker
I’m going to save the day
I’m coming for you sonuvabish

With my mallet parade
I will bathe in your
super ape destiny blood

I am a reaper
of princessnapping assholes

Bowser is an Asshole too

Bowser is an Asshole too (Found at By : *i-rainbow-starlight)

My overalls carry me
over all these obstacles
And put me closer
To driving this foot through your chest
And it will pop out your back
Sever ape column justice boom
I am the angel of your incontinence
You will shit your pants tonight

There’s only one way up
It’s only me and you
Fist clenched in bristles
Give me my banana

I am a flying moustache of justice
And peace for everyone wearing a dress
I would bite your turtles in half
If I didn’t have to stomp on your fukkin face
Ima grab an oversized hammer
And make a mess of this place
I’ll be here all week, mutherfukker
Be sure to tip your plumber’s crack pimp


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