On Staying Classy

On the Facebook, I have a theme of reminding groups of folks to ‘stay classy’ in the mode of Ron Burgandy. If you don’t understand sarcasm, you can stop reading now.

Most of these posts in recent history have been surrounding the treatment of Occupy protesters. It started in NYC where a group of women were rounded up, barricaded, and then pepper sprayed. If you aren’t familiar with this incident, you need to get onto the youtube more. In any case, I reminded the NYPD to stay classy. 

When a pregnant protester miscarried after Seattle Police pepper sprayed her, kicked her in the stomach, and hit her abdomen with a bike, I reminded them to stay classy. As a quick aside, I should remind readers that she was trying to get out of the mass of people as soon as the police showed up. She knew that it was going to be bad. She wasn’t resisting arrest, or agitating the officers. She was trying to get out. 

But I digress…

Aside from the protesters, I reminded the US Army to stay classy upon learning most recently that, against the promise to families of dead soldiers to dispose them with dignity, body parts and bodies of dead soldiers are being dumped in landfills. 

And I should have reminded Rick Perry to stay classy when he said ‘… you don’t need to be in a pew every Sunday to know that there’s something wrong with gays serving in the military.’ 

I guess I’m not trying to fly a flag of PC-dom. But I guess I’m trying to remind folks that this is the way we are being treated.

I use ‘we’ as this doesn’t just affect those involved, and to assume such a position would be short-sighted. It could have been, and can be, your family member being dumped into a landfill. It could have been, and can be, your sister who miscarried after being abused by officers of the law. It could be, and can be, you who is made to feel bad for being gay and wanting to serve your country. You are liable to get pepper sprayed, brutally beaten, or shot with a gas canister for peacefully protesting, exercising your first amendment rights.

This is ridiculous.

When did it become that America was supposed to just bend over and take it? All the country songs about being a patriot and being American tell me that we’re strong as nails, and won’t take shit from anyone. I guess there should have been a parenthetical included about how we’re cool with taking it from our police, elected officials, and military.

In short, we won’t take crap from anyone… except other Americans.

Now, I’m not making this a call to action where you need to go and stand with the ‘99%’ in the occupy movement. I’m not saying you need to protest anything. I am, if nothing else, just trying to help you be aware of what’s happening while you’re watching So You Think You Can Dance, or maybe polishing your blinders. The catch all I hear from folks who don’t seem to think these things are problems is ‘Well, they deserved it’ or ‘They knew what they were getting into.’

That’s excusing the abuses of others. That does not solve anything.

Stay informed. Stay classy.*




*Not the way Americans in power are staying classy, mind you.



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