Why No Nudity?

If you came here looking for pics, you can close this window now.

I’m no flamboyant exhibitionist, nor nudist. I’ve come to find that I’m really quite modest. I have my moments where I want to wave my genitals at things, but then again, everyone does.

In America, it seems like there is a stark stigma attached to everyone’s naked body. Now that it has been established that this country was not founded on Christianity, you can’t hide behind the ‘But this is a puritan state’ claim. So, I pose the question to you, ‘Why no nudity?’

I mean, you can see people getting their throats slit on primetime TV. You see explosions and corpses on the nightly news. You can bear witness to the trainwreck that is Jersey Shore. I will argue that all of those are far more harmful than a pair of bare boobies. My question has always been ‘When was the last time a pair of breasts hurt anyone?’ Now, before you go and spout out a host of hypotheticals, recognize that you are  trying to come up with hypotheticals.

I understand that there are parts of you that you may only want your significant other / doctor (maybe they’re the same person…?) to see. I get that. I also understand that folks may not be comfortable with their bodies. But what I don’t get is why there is no nudity in our mass media. That includes TV, magazines, newspapers, etc.

From what I understand, America is a sexually repressed culture. The consequences of which are not so sunshiney. I propose we do away with treating sex as a weapon, and instead understand that it is supposed to be enjoyed. But you’ll notice sex has little to do with nudity, so let’s get back to that.

I also propose that you should be comfortable with your body. I believe that a media message of covering things up is a way of teaching you that you should be ashamed of whatever it is that you’re covering up. If you’re not comfortable, that’s cool too, but what I am trying to convey can be summed up as follows :

Not everyone has a penis. Not everyone has a vagina or breasts. Everyone has a body, though.

Though a common element, maybe we can see that we are all the same in a way. We all have bodies.

It’s kind of like that book ‘Everyone Poops’ only it’s with skin.


2 responses to “Why No Nudity?

  1. SO TRUE!

    • I’m glad you think so. Nudity and sexuality are not the scourge of the planet. But rather violence, greed, and Jersey Shore are.

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