“Clothes Don’t Make the Man”

My dad used to say this a lot when I was growing up. It was mostly a stab at the folks who insisted on having flashy stuffs as a means of overcompensating for their lack of personality/humanity/large genitals. I thought I’d one-up him when I got a little older, adding ‘Clothes don’t make the man, but it’s the man who makes the clothes who is the man.’ He was slightly less impressed than I expected. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t like sweatshops… (Buh dum tsssss)

There's a bear on it.

The Shirt in Question

Back on topic here. Today I am wearing a sweet sweet shirt that my admin got for me. It’s pink. In line for coffee, an older guy (who is notorious for making unintentional non-PC non-sequitur) comments on it. He says ‘Hey man, that’s a wild shirt. I like it.’ I thank him for the compliment, explain the story behind it. I’m walking away. He continues, nudging the man next to him in line ‘Hey, you remember the manager that used to give me so much shit for wearing pink shirts to work?’ Elbow-nudged man sheepishly says ‘yes’, and unintentional troll says ‘I used to tell him ‘HEY! I’m comfortable with MAH sex-u-al-i-teeeee.” By now, most of the cafe is gaping at this guy.

I swiftly move toward the exit, effectively avoiding any more vicarious embarrassment.

Let’s deconstruct this situation, shall we?

I agree with this guy. If you’re comfortable with wearing something, you’re comfortable with wearing it and you should own that you’re wearing it. Plain and simple. One should not be dragged down by another when they are proudly wearing what they want to wear. Granted, it helps to ‘know your audience’ and not wear a black vinyl athletic supporter to a baptism or whatever. There are limits. But the point is I like wearing bright colors. That includes pink. And I don’t really care what the color of something is, I care whether or not I want to wear it. 

Indirectly, this man supports my dad’s claim. What I wear does not connote my sexuality/sexual preference. It does not ‘make the man.’ How something like color of clothing is supposed to spell out whether a male is a pre-op tranny, or gay, blows my mind. Conversely, if a girl wears blue, does that mean that she wants to be a man, or that she is sexually attracted to other women? 

Parents dress their children in blue or pink when they don’t have any other way of helping distinguish the gender of their offspring. I get that, I guess. Babies all look the same to me (Read : They look like whiny poop cannons), but I don’t really care if they are boy or girl… or pre-op tranny. They’re humans. Humans that poop ALL THE TIME.

I would also like to point out that when people volunteer information about their sexuality, I wonder how comfortable they really are about their sexuality. It’s like a pre-emptive strike… that doesn’t need to happen in the first place (American war machine, take note). ‘Before I launch into showtunes karaoke, I’d like to point out that this bag is not a clutch, it’s a murse, and I am very very very straight’ said dude at the bar ordering up another appletini. What I am saying is this person should just own what they are going with, and not need to explain it. If you want to wear pink and you’re a dude? Wear pink. No apologies.

Wrapping up, I encourage you to wear whatever you want. And what you wear does not determine who or what you are. That, my friends, is up to you.


4 responses to ““Clothes Don’t Make the Man”

  1. Personally I think pink brings out your pecs.

  2. I’m wearing green today. I think this means that I want to be a pre-op tranny.

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