Ironclad Illogica : Now with Voting!

This is a silly excuse for a post, I know. But the blog now has up/downvote capabilities. Your votes help me decide which content to keep, and which to keep doing in spite of you not liking it.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I will keep doing what I’m doing whether or not you like it. Which begs the question why I even enabled voting. It’s not like you come here thinking ‘This needs to be all over the face of the internet.’ You come here (mostly) because I told you to come here. Which in-and-of-itself is the worst advertising method ever, now that I think of it.

It’s a little like the kid who invites you to a birthday party, and warns that if you don’t come with a gift they will swear off you being on their team in Red Rover. Like, for-ev-er.

But I didn’t give you an ultimatum. I guess I told you to come here knowing full well that you were polite enough to be like ‘Fuggit, I’ll go just to shut him up. Maybe I’ll memorize a line or two and say ‘I lawled”. But that’s why we’re friends, dammit. Because we can be disdainfully polite together.

Which brings up another point. Why in the hell is there more than one blog on the internet? It seems like a waste. There should be, like, one blog that everyone goes to and is all like, ‘Wow, that’s profound. I’m really glad I keep coming back to this only blog on the internet.’

I think I’m going to go start a vlog now. Whatever.


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