“Logic bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Logic never fails”

Who has a better grasp on reality? Someone who continues to educate themselves, or someone who stops where their religious teachings end and the real world begins.

Before I get too much deeper into this, I’d like to say I think that observing different/opposing schools of thought is important, but I would need evidence to trust in any one school. And if you believe in a deity, go ahead and keep doing so. I won’t stop you, but I may challenge the logic behind it.

In discussions/arguments with folks on the Facebook, I have been called ignorant. I have been called a moron. I have been called a sheep. In those same discussions, I was called so by someone who was refusing to read links to articles, scientific journals, and studies (with traceable metrics) I was posting. I was called those names by someone who is adamantly monotheist.

This post is not a rag on theists. That’s for other people to do. This post is about the information one proliferates, and the responsibility to educate yourself when others educating you fails.

Someone tried to tell me that Nazis were atheists. That none of them were Christians, and that Christians did not commit atrocities in the name of their god. I came back with research backing how the Nazi claim was a fabrication (in addition to my own 22 page paper on the rise and fall of Hitler I wrote in college, which they refused to recognize). The second claim was a little trickier to debunk, as they added the modifier “Find something that happened in the name of god in the last 100 years.” Sadly for them, I found several examples supporting that some Christians commit atrocities in the name of their god. Not to mention sprinklings of matricide, murder, and murder-suicide in lieu of the perpetrators’ deity ‘telling’ them to.

They called me a sheep, ignorant, and a moron in reaction.

Those seem like better descriptors for someone who refuses to look at studies that aren’t fabricated, and research that contains evidence that is beyond anecdotal.

My argument in this discussion was ultimately this : “If people want to commit atrocities, they will find any means of justification.” To this, the person on FB agreed, but did not feel that it fit for folks who were Christian.

I submit the following for folks who believe in prayer, wwjd, etc. :
The power of prayer.
What would god/Jesus/Brian Boitano do.

I’m not trying to convert anyone, I’m just hoping that you’ll take the time to broaden your thinking.


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