Vol II, Issue 1

I’ve heard the tales of woe regarding ChatRoulette and Omegle. I feel like I have seen enough wang in my life, why is it that I am taking a chance by going on one of these sites?

Then it dawns on me. This is how the majority of the horny male population greets women on the internet already! So, if you’re a dude and you get a screen full of wang on one of these sites, check yourself. Make sure you are not that dude. Unless, that is, you are trying to make the internet equivalent of a bro hug.


4 responses to “Vol II, Issue 1

  1. Secretly, I want to try chat roulette…

  2. EWWWW. Whang.

    • Nothing wrong with human anatomy. I just feel like it doesn’t have to be some sort of internet handshake. Can’t anybody say ‘Hello’ anymore? Or have they forgotten how to communicate with real live people? What with all their text phones and their chat shacks, and their ‘two girls, fun stuff’ videos.


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