2012 : Year of the Honey Badger

2012 is not going to be the end of Earth as we know it. We all know it, but getting people all scared and sad about an extinction level event makes them want to buy stuff. Another side effect is people wanting to be on the right side of the field when everything goes down.

While it won’t be the end of the world, the apocalypse, or the return of In Living Color (Which would be earthshatteringly awesome for me), it may be the beginning of the end of bipartisanship in the US. Which would be as badass as ILC returning.

The republican debates and candidates have been less than stellar. Instead of being a race of ‘Who is the best?’ it’s more a race of ‘How long can I go without effing something up?’ Herman Cain and Rick Perry being the latest to bow out on account of groping and alienating, respectively. I will hold my opinions of each of the candidates, because it isn’t the focus for this post, but I will say that none of the candidates (Obama included) are at the top of my list.

I am reluctant to like any of them because, as American politics in election season is, polarizing is the name of the game. Such behavior isn’t really what the public needs, but it sure gets votes. Us-versus-them mentalities only create neverending pissing matches, and that makes everything soggy and smell bad.

Unfortunately for everyone, dominating US parties both have some good ideas, but miss the mark in an effort to garner a stronger, rabid, more volatile voter base. I would hope that our lawmakers and leaders are prepared to stop using this as a campaign/support tactic, and instead try to get everyone unified to get something done. To change something instead of aiming for a seat in office.

That just makes me wish that politics, like the news, were actually about the subject instead of magicking up a story to gain support. That is, I wish that serving the American public was the focus of our lawmakers as opposed to duping them. I can’t speak on all lawmakers and elected representatives, that’s for sure. However, it sure does seem like the current climate, and I would like to see this change as things continue to erode.

Ultimately, I would like this time to be what is in addiction referred to as ‘rock bottom’. That is, everything is so effed up globally that people sort of stop resisting progress and a future and start working to move forward. I would like to see folks realize that getting all pissed about homosexual couples being recognized by the state, or claiming that their deity knows best, is not productive. Hopefully, it would get us to shut the eff up about talking points, and start to educate themselves about issues that affect them and the globe at large.

I would also hope that the perceived Mayan end of the world spurs a sense of unity. Like in the movies when a plane seems like it’s going to go down, and then everyone gets busy. Sadly, because so much of ‘end of days’ talk is wrapped up in holy bookness that it would be difficult for clashing beliefs to understand they are talking about the same things.

Before this gets any longer, I wish you make 2012 the best dang year ever. Party like it’s 1999.


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