Zombie-like Activity Timeline

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5.2 – Man’s ear bitten off in Ft. Lauderdale bar fight.
5.9 – Man breaks into home, bites part of man’s ear off.
5.16 – High school contamination, rash, hazmat situation.
5.19 – Sketchy hazmat situation at Fort Lauderdale Airport.
5.21 – Illinois man bites woman.
5.23 – San Diego man bites cousin’s nose off.
5.23 – Georgia hazardous materials scare on I-285.
5.24 – Mystery rash at school.
5.25 – Hazmat scare on school bus (pesticide).
5.25 – Unruly passenger subdued in Miami.
5.26 – Man eats other man’s face, is unfazed by first gunshot from police shot four times before dying.  A redditor found pics of the aftermath. Click to see original post, pics are in the header (one of face eaten, the other of the bodies). As a warning, the pics are graphic, not safe for work, and should be viewed at your own risk.
5.26 – Doctor bangs head against car, spits blood on arresting officer in DUI stop.
5.27 – Georgia contractor bites Lowe’s employees, resists arrest.
5.28 – Officials at the Institute for Genomic Biology issue a hazmat warning at 8.16pm. After the spill had been contained, and the IGB evacuated, the situation does not get cleared up until after midnight at 12.19am 5.29. All of this occurs after a shooting is reported at 12.05am 5.28, which turns out to be a self-inflicted, non-fatal wound.
5.29 – Man bites two officers during arrest in Madison, WI.
5.29 – A man in NJ stabbed himself repeatedly and threw his own intestines at officers. Seriously.
5.30 – Canadian porn actor, Luka Rocco Magnotta, allegedly dismembers, eats lover, and sends pieces to political parties.
5.31 – Maryland student admits to killing roommate, eats brain and heart.
6.1 – Swedish man cuts off and eats his wife’s lips after suspecting she is cheating on him.
6.1 – MMA fighter kills friend, cooks and eats heart.
6.1 – CDC denies undead, zombie rumors amid rash of cannibal attacks.


4 responses to “Zombie-like Activity Timeline

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  2. Dude, maybe it’s global mad cow disease! Insane!

  3. The mom who ate her son actually happened a few years ago…

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