Vegans Are Dangerous

First off, vegans are preachy. All they do is talk about how much they love tempeh strips. I mean, they put it on everything. Pizza, pancakes, cupcakes, sundaes — you name it! That stuff is so bad for you. And once you say you’re carnist, they’re all like waving cooked veggies in your face and, like, ‘OOoooo. Don’t you just love tempeh?’ It’s freaking disgusting. Another thing they do when you tell them that you’re carnist is they are all like ‘Where do you get your protein?’ Ugh. So annoying.

Second, they know nothing about the food they eat or where it comes from. They just go to organic farmers markets and stuff and just buy anything that doesn’t come in a box. Personally, as a carnist, I only trust things that are made to be in boxes or other prepackaged methods. If it says it was made my Nestle or Nabisco, I know exactly where that came from. Unlike those stupid vegans who don’t even know what kind of soil their beets came out of. Gross!

Third, they’re costing the countries they live in scads of money. I mean, what with all the health problems that result from eating a plant based diet. It’s completely inconsiderate. Did you know that of the top five killers in the US, four of them can be directly traced to a vegan diet?! That is absolutely insane. And all they do is go to emergency rooms with strokes, heart attacks, and cancer. It’s freaking disgusting what they do to themselves.

I just want to wrap up this post by saying I did my research about this, and it’s all true. It’s so true that I don’t even need to post my sources, because if you don’t believe me, you’re dumb.


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