Cover Letter Level : Dog Tier

I applied for two identical positions open at the same company. The following are my cover letters.

To Whom It May Concern:

I, like many others, need a job. But what’s more is that I want a job. I want a job so bad I have dreams at night where I am employed, earning, and contributing again.

Seven months of unemployment is not my cup of tea. I yearn to learn new skills, to challenge myself, and to grow. I have found opportunities to do so in my time between jobs; Studying Network +, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and building PCs for friends. In spite of this activity, it isn’t what pays the bills.

This is where Your Company comes in.

I can work for the Your Company team, be a strong contributor, and all-around cool guy to be around. In turn, I can earn pay, learn new skills, and be satisfied in being able to help others with their technical issues.

I understand that Desktop Support isn’t the most glamorous job. But I’m not in it for the glitz and sparkles. I’m in it to work. I am the best darn candidate you’ll have in your pile, because I know I am. A former manager once said of me ‘If I had four of Brent, I could take over the world.’

I just need Your Company to give me the opportunity to show you.


Then I submitted the second application with this cover letter.

To Whom It May Concern:

You probably recognize me from applying for the other posted Desktop Support position, and already think I’m pretty great. But just in case you didn’t read my cover letter, here’s the Cliff’s Notes of what you have to expect of me.

First off, I am like Neo of the blockbuster smash The Matrix. That’s not to say that I know KungFu, because I am a student of TaeKwonDo and Brazilian JiuJitsu, but rather I am highly adaptable, and an apt pupil. I also look dynamite in sunglasses.

Second, I have a strong work ethic. I zero-in on and complete tasks with laser-like focus. I am an action-item obliterating octopus of super hero caliber, multi-tasking at herculean tier quality.

Lastly, I am a pretty cool person. I sometimes quote comedians, and I bathe regularly. I’d like to think of myself as the Tony Stark of south Miami, but I’m not filthy rich, and I’m not nearly as capable of an engineer. I am rather handsome, though.

To wrap this up, I may seem overqualified for this position. I cannot confirm or deny that, but what I can say is that I want this job. I want to earn a paycheck. Most of all, I want the Your Company to have a Neo Tony Stark Hercules Octotasker on their team, because when I see a need, I fill it.



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