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Vol II, Issue 2

I have a problem with people who use the word ‘nonsensical’. Not really because there’s anything wrong with the word, but EVERYTHING IS WRONG WITH YOU, KURT, AND EVERYONE HATES YOU!


Vol II, Issue 1

I’ve heard the tales of woe regarding ChatRoulette and Omegle. I feel like I have seen enough wang in my life, why is it that I am taking a chance by going on one of these sites?

Then it dawns on me. This is how the majority of the horny male population greets women on the internet already! So, if you’re a dude and you get a screen full of wang on one of these sites, check yourself. Make sure you are not that dude. Unless, that is, you are trying to make the internet equivalent of a bro hug.

Vol I, Issue III

Manhole plus steam

Steam and manhole. (From

Whenever I’m in the city and I see steam coming out of a manhole, I think to myself that there is one of two explainations.
One: It is steam caused by the interaction of molecules of different temperatures.
Two: That manhole cover is pissed as shit at cars that drive over it.

Manhole covers freak me out.

Vol I, Issue II

There’s something to be said about someone who needs to lie to make themselves feel better. You never know; they may have had to be someone who administers enemas to elephants. You’d want to feel better too. I know I do.

Vol I, Issue I

Parrot, mofo.

Do not date this guy.

Parrots don’t really repeat what you say. They are revealing their deepest secrets to you. So, don’t tell them any secrets, cause they’ll just turn around and blab them to the next asshat that tries to get them to say ‘Poopshitfart’. Parrots are dicks.