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Re-Cycle : It’s The Never Ending Story for Abortionists

Ok, so I was initially turned off to the film as it stared at me in my NetFlix queue for a few reasons:


Eek! A face!

1) The hyphen in recycle is wholly unnecessary.
2) When the cover looks like this, I think ‘Swell. Initiate CG facerape a la Samurai Princess.
3) I live in Oregon. If this has something to do with the dude that checks my garbage for redeemable materials going apeshit because I didn't want to give him my 24 pack of PBR cans, I want nothing to do with it.

But then I watched it.


At least it wasn't anything too tired, but above all it was well executed.

An author is in the midst of writing a new novel. She's a suspense writer, by the way — I bet you didn't guess that. Anywho, she is suddenly in a creepy world that seems to be of her creation. OHEMGEE!!!

Ah, but you see that's where the story starts!

The non-spoiler version goes a little like this:
Lead: Holy crap! You’re not a demon!
Girl: Holy crap! I know! Here’s a wise old man!
Old Dude: Holy crap! You need to GTFO!
Girl: Word!
Lead: But how?
Old Dude: That’s why you’re here talking with me (/groanfart). Take this random thing, and this map I just drew for you out of magic — they may help you!
Lead: WTF?
Girl: Here, watch out for those fetuses!
Girl: And watch out for those zombies!
Lead: I seriously can’t do this.
Girl: OH SHIT! That muthafukkin portal’s opening up!
Lead: You need to die in a fire.
Creepy Lady: Blah! I’ve come to do something to you!
Lead: EEK!

The End.

I promise you, though, the spoiler ridden story is effing fantastic.

Right down to the final scene…

Camera Stuff:
Holy crap. Well done. Some of the subtlety through imagery in the beginning is well played. There are a few scary moments that only grab you if you’re paying close attention. I like that.

The way the alternate universe looks rather radtacular. Backdrops to every scene are carefully primed to explode your eyeball holes. That said, I am guilty of watching this film four times the first week I saw it. It was terrific every time.

Sound Stuff:
Not bad. Crisp, light, good for fright moments.

I guess what I’m trying to say is it was pretty good, actually; It compliments well.

Scare Stuff?:
So, after seeing enough Eastern Horror, you begin to see patterns. These patterns lead to predictability. Predictability leads to boredom.

The scares in Re-Cycle are vastly formulaic, but I really don’t see the problem for this film. I think that it stems from how well the story took hold, and how the scary parts were more for effect.

I’d say it’s about a 3/5 on the spicemeter.

Closing Thoughts:

Re-Cycle is all about the story telling. The quest-like feel of the story brings some serious flavor to the film and is supported with dynamic imagery and decent scares. Yes, there’s a twist.



This is a song I wrote for @lkellison.


Someone once told me
If I’m number one, then I’m no one but
If it takes one to know one, I know none.
But what the hell this is a song, I’ll make fun
Of all the people I wish I could poop on.

Bowser, you muthafuka
I need me some princess
I keep coming back after recess
To find you took the dress
To another castle.
I’m not impressed.
Bowser, you’re an asshole
You are muthafuckin huge
But you can jump as high as me.
What the fuck is with that?

I bring that hot heat
Like I just grew me some huge teats
There’s awesomesauce in the kitchen
Put it in your mouth and kwitcherbitchin

Kim Bauer, what the hell?
They must have just given up on you
They left you to collect morning dew
On the backside of a mountain with a few
Rations of goat meat and a thearapist too
Kimmy, how are you that dim?
You’re the daughter of Superman
How did you not learn from dad?
Was gone in Kosovo while you had
A lobotomy by Launch Pad?

I bring the hot heat
Like roasted chestnuts, the sweet meats
There’s awesomesauce in the kitchen
Put it in your mouth and kwitcherbitchin.

I need to spread the sauce
I’m going to put it on my toast
I’m going to drizzle it on the coast
And Dr Suess will hate this song the most
Give me the sauce
And nobody gets hurt
It’s full and is going to spurt
And I would give my favorite shirt
To find another rhyme to hurt

I brought the hot heat
Like the Vandellas dancing in the street
There’s awesomesauce in the kitchen
Put it in your mouth and kwitcherbitchin.